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LUMI IP is a European firm of specialist patent and trademark attorneys.


We are an Intellectual Property (IP) service provider. Patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs are in the firm's scope of activity.  A main area of LUMI IP's focus is the drafting and worldwide prosecution of patent applications. LUMI IP has special expertise in formulating patent applications which are optimised for worldwide prosecution, whether for example in front of the EPO, USPTO or Asian patent offices.


Our field of expertise covers, for instance, the technical fields of electronics, horology, image processing, mechanics, medical devices and telecommunications. We are also well versed in the younger and increasingly important field of software patents or computer-implemented inventions.


Image Processing
Medical Devices

Industrial Designs

Licenses & Contracts

IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution

IP Portfolio Management

IP Strategy Planning

IP Training



A registered design is a cost-effective way of protecting the appearance of a product, and can be extended for up to 25 years. The elements of a design can include the outward appearance, the shape, the colour and decoration of an object, and how the different parts of the object are arranged together. Please call one of our experts for more information.

In the business of patents in particular, contracts and licences are frequently required to clarify agreements and undertakings. We can advise you on such matters, including Confidentiality Agreements, Licensing Contracts, Cooperation Contracts, Non-disclosure agreements, Employee Reward schemes etc.

Effective enforcement of IP rights under threat is an essential element of strategic intellectual asset management. Undue delay in the case of infringement can prejudice your rights of enforcement and likely dilute the strength of your IP portfolio. Also, failure to respond quickly if third-party rights are infringed can increase your exposure to liability. In these cases, complex legal, commercial and tactical considerations come into play. LUMI IP directly handles contentious IP matters in the European Patent Office and in cooperation with our partners in other IP offices and in courts.

Our systems are designed for maintaining your patent portfolio efficiently and securely. We can take responsibility for your entire portfolio, or we can work with your IP coordinator to administer all or part of the portfolio, as required. Our annuity payments service ensures that your patents are maintained efficiently and with a minimum of time investment from you.

Patents and other IP rights are a strategic business tool. We can help you to build a culture of patent-awareness in your organisation and to develop a strategy for your patent protection. A patent strategy can take into account not only the technical and engineering aspects of your business, but also your marketing and finances. A targeted, strategic outlook can improve your market position and reduce the cost of your patent portfolio. Filing a patent application in many countries can quickly become costly. We can advise you on the choice of countries and help you to develop a suitable strategy (for example PCT, EP, national applications, utility model applications, registered designs).

Patent Awareness Training for Non-specialists

A business can greatly benefit if its employees understand the importance of patents. This applies equally to engineers, managers and the sales and marketing team. Some companies have surprisingly little awareness of patents - even among those responsible for IP. However, decisions based on incorrect assumptions about patents can have expensive consequences. We offer training which is aimed at raising the awareness of patents in your business.

Search Training for Engineers

There are at least two important reasons why engineers should know about patents. Firstly, they should be aware of the legal effects of your own and others' patents. Secondly, they should be aware that patent documents represent a valuable source of technical ideas and information. Many technical problems have already been solved by others, and their solutions can be found in well-structured patent databases.

Strategy Training for IP Managers

Patents can be an opportunity to spend a large amount of money without much to show for it. If you would like to develop a strong patent portfolio without spending a fortune, we can help you to avoid unnecessary costs and ensure that your Budget is spent as effectively as possible.

A patent gives you a legal right to stop your competitors copying your technical innovations. A patentable invention may be a ground-breaking new technology or a tiny improvement which gives you a major competitive edge. 

Patent Drafting

Care and experience is required to define your technical invention in a way which will ensure strong legal protection. We help you to choose the most effective possibilities for protection, and then we draft a patent application accordingly. We draft in German, English and French. The drafting process often requires careful research and analysis, and can take two weeks or more, although this time can be shortened in urgent cases.


We then file the application documents at the relevant Patent Office (usually the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property or the European Patent Office). Despite the high quality of our drafting work, and the extra care we take to preempt later problems, our fees are relatively modest. In particular, we offer a fixed-price patent application package, which assures you excellent quality at a pre-agreed rate.

Patent Prosecution

Once a patent application has been filed, and before it is granted by a patent office, it undergoes a strict examination procedure. In some cases, a patent may be granted with few amendments, but these are the exceptions. More usually, the patent examiner will raise formal or substantive objections, and patent attorneys are experienced in overcoming such objections. As with patent drafting, we are able to prosecute your patent application English, French, German. As authorised representatives, we negotiate on your behalf with the Swiss Patent Office or the European Patent Office. We can prosecute Swiss, European or international (PCT) patent applications. Prosecution in non-European countries is handled by our network of carefully selected foreign associates.


The LUMI IP patent attorneys have access to some of the most advanced commercial search tools available,and are experienced in carrying out detailed technology searches.

Prior Art Searches​

Before a decision is made to file a patent application, it is often advisable to make a careful assessment of the chances of obtaining a valid patent. To do this assessment, a prior art search is needed to find out what similar technology already exists and thus to determine whether your invention is new and inventive with respect to the prior art (essential conditions of patentability). We offer two types of assessment, namely a preliminary patentability analysis, which includes a standard prior art search, and a more profound detailed patentability analysis including a thorough, detailed prior art search. We have access to powerful search tools, and we use advanced searching techniques in order to establish the existing state of the art. Knowing the state of the art provides a solid foundation for defining your invention if you decide to file a patent application, and allows us to draft a strong patent application with a good chance of being granted, thereby potentially saving significant time and cost in the subsequent patent examination procedures.

Patent Invalidation Searches​

A granted patent is not necessarily valid. If you need to challenge the validity of a competitor's patent, we will be pleased to carry out an in-depth search to find prior art which puts the validity of the patent in doubt. Important prior art is sometimes missed during the prosecution procedure, and our aim is to find it.

"Freedom to Operate" Searches

A detailed technology survey can reveal useful information about existing patent protection in a particular technological area, which may be particularly useful if you are planning a new product or service. A so-called "freedom-to-operate" search, for example as part of a due-diligence step in product planning, can help to determine whether or not your new technology is likely to be protected by other patents.

Technology Surveys​

Patent information can also be useful for revealing trends and gaps in the technological landscape. Not only for engineers, but also for marketing departments and for strategic planning. We can carry out searches which can contribute to your market intelligence.

Distinctive words and signs can be a powerful way of distinguishing your products and services and establishing your presence in the market. A registered trademark can be renewed indefinitely, and is an asset which can be sold, licensed or traded like any other commercial asset.


For advice on registering your trademark, opposing someone else's trademark, or defending your trademark, please contact one of our experts for more information.

Industrial Designs
Licenses & Contracts
Litigation & Dispute Resolution
IP Portfolio Management
IP Strategy Planning
IP Training



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