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  • 1. Who is LUMI IP, and where are they located?
    LUMI IP is an Intellectual Property (IP) law firm based in Bern, Switzerland. They offer a range of IP services, including preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications. You can find them at Rodtmattstrasse 45, CH-3014 Bern.
  • 2. What services does LUMI IP provide?
    LUMI IP offers a wide range of IP services relating to: · Industrial designs · Licenses & contracts · IP litigation & dispute resolution · IP portfolio management · IP strategy planning · IP training · Patents · Trademarks
  • 3. What industries does LUMI IP specialize in?
    LUMI IP specialises in various industries, including: · Electronics · Horology · Image Processing · Mechanics · Medical Devices · Software · Telecommunications
  • 4. How can I contact LUMI IP for a consultation?
    You can contact LUMI IP through their email at or by phone at +41 31 508 04 32. They offer a free initial consultation.
  • 5. What is LUMI IP's philosophy regarding their services?
    LUMI IP is committed to providing high-quality, client-focused, and cost-effective services. They prioritise quality, client satisfaction, and transparency in their work.
  • 6. How does LUMI IP handle costs and pricing for their services?
    LUMI IP aims to provide cost-effective services by offering attractive fixed rates, avoiding unexpected fees, and keeping overheads low. They believe in total transparency when it comes to costs.
  • 7. What languages does LUMI IP's team speak?
    LUMI IP's team members are multilingual, speaking English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, and Swedish.
  • 8. Can LUMI IP assist with patent drafting and prosecution?
    Yes, LUMI IP offers patent drafting and prosecution services, as well as prior art search services and post-grant services.
  • 9. Does LUMI IP provide trademark registration services?
    Yes, LUMI IP offers trademark filing services, as well as post-registration services.
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